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Good vs. bad branding


Have you ever judged another business’ branding? Subconsciously, we are always judging, assessing and processing the messages we receive, whether they are visual, verbal or subliminal. It’s how we differentiate one brand from another, and figure out whether or not what they’re offering is right for us.

But when it comes to your own brand, how do you know if what you’re currently doing to portray your brand is good or bad?

Watch this episode as I compare the traits that might affect how your brand is perceived (whether good or bad!).

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Focus on the one right thing.


Do you suffer from shiny object syndrome? If you’re creative, driven and entrepreneurial-minded, most likely the answer is YES!

You might have even had some experience following a path that looked so bright and promising at the time, only to realise that you’re stuck at a dead end, further away from your vision than when you first started out. Relate?

If you’re distracted by opportunities, offers or collaborations that aren’t in alignment with where you need to be heading, this episode is for you!

Watch now to find out what you need to focus on to grow your brand faster!

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Three ways to find confidence in business.


Lean in close. Your business will never be successful without this one thing: confidence.

Why? Well, let’s go for a little meander in your perfect customer’s shoes. Let’s just say he or she is comparing your brand with another, considering which purchase is going to be most beneficial, with the lowest risk possible. It’s pretty simple really.

Without confidence:

  • How can your potential customers trust you?
  • How can they possibly feel confident in what you’re offering if you’re not exuding confidence yourself?
  • Your brand is weak and hesitant.

With confidence:

  • It’s obviously you believe in your product or service.
  • You can clearly communicate why your brand is trustworthy.
  • You help minimise feelings of risk, and your confidence overflows into your potential customers making purchasing a no-brainer.

But when you’re new to this business game, it’s hard to develop that confidence, right? I get it. I’m here to help you achieve...

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Why marketing is fruitless without branding.


One of the most confusing things when you start your business is marketing.

  • Where do you start?
  • Where do you focus your efforts?
  • What types of content do you create?

Often this is such an overwhelming task, that branding falls by the wayside, discarded until you can wrap your head around it. So you tick the logo box, and off you go.

Sound familiar?

In actual fact, marketing your business is fruitless without meaningful brand strategy.

Watch this episode to find out why, and how branding and marketing work together harmoniously to attract those perfectly aligned customers that you’re craving.

Are you ready to (finally) pin down your brand strategy and unravel the confusing mess that your marketing has become, so that your brand sparkles with consistency? My signature brand foundation course, Brand Alchemy, is opening for enrolments soon! Come on over and join the waitlist for special perks!


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Three ways to connect with your perfect customer.


Cold, hard truth. No matter how good your product or service is, or how finely tuned it is, or how incredibly pretty it is…

90% of business is sales and marketing.

Ever wonder why so many small businesses fail? This is it. Brilliant marketing drives sales. Half-hearted marketing = business failure. Why? Because a) nobody is seeing your product or service or b) the right people aren’t seeing your product or service. It’s as simple as that.

People will simply not purchase from you unless you are perceived in their heart and mind as trustworthy. This takes time, intentional steps and a perfectly aligned brand strategy. The first step is connection. So today I’d love to share with you three ways you can connect with your perfect customer.

Are you ready to truly connect with your perfect customers?

Join me for my Brand Revival challenge! Cultivate brand loyalty in your audience, in just five days. Reconnect with your audience, instigate meaningful relationships...

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What is brand loyalty, really?


I’m on a mission to simply marketing jargon so that you can understand it in a way that makes it easy for you to implement easy, achievable strategies. This week, I’m chatting about brand loyalty. I’m answering these questions:

  • What is brand loyalty?
  • How do you identify your brand advocates?
  • And how can you encourage brand loyalty in your audience?

Are you ready to amplify brand loyalty?

Join me for my Brand Revival challenge! Cultivate brand loyalty in your audience, in just five days. Reconnect with your audience, instigate meaningful relationships and increase visibility for your brand!

I'll join you in your inbox every morning from 17 - 21 May with daily brand juice and a done-for-you [copy + paste] script to share on Facebook, Instagram, or wherever your audience is lurking.

So shake off those cobwebs and inhibitions, and let's start cultivating brand loyalty in your audience! Oh and it's zero dollars my friend.


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Are you scared of selling?


Do you get the heeby jeebies when it’s time to start selling your products or services? Does imposter syndrome creep in, and that mean girl on your shoulder starts shouting that nobody is ever going to want what you’re selling? You’re not alone my friend.

Do you get embarrassed when somebody asks to see your website? Or do you feel nervous at the idea of a discovery call?

Let me help you reframe ’selling’ so that you’ll be flaunting your offer with confidence in no time.

Part of establishing your brand strategy is becoming comfortable selling, with a heart of service. If you know deep down that you have more to offer, but you’re not feeling confident that you’re reaching your customers in the right way, or you are lost for words when somebody asks you to tell them more about your product or service, it’s time to get intimate with your brand! Head on over to Brand Alchemy to learn more about my signature brand foundation...

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Plant the seed, or it won't grow.


Are you afraid to start your business? Are you scared to try a new offer or product? Have you been putting it off because you’re not sure if it will sell? Worried about taking the leap? This one’s for you.

Imagine if you channelled all that energy you’re using just thinking about it, into actually putting it out there!?

You will never, ever know, if you never, ever try.

Watch this episode for a fresh perspective on becoming the person you WANT to be, with the brand you crave for.

I’d love to hear if this message resonated with you! Send me a DM on Instagram by clicking here – I’d love to hear from you!

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Love the ones you're with.


Are you tired of chasing followers, putting all your energy into attracting new eyeballs and trying to be something you’re not just to grow your audience?

Building and cultivating a brand is not just about growing your audience. Yes, you need an audience, but it is by no means the size of that audience that is going to help you nurture a brand reputation that translates into quality leads and sales.

Watch this episode to find out what you SHOULD be doing to foster a brand that is a magnet for your perfect customers.

Love this episode? I’d love to hear from you! Come say hi on Instagram by clicking here.

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A vision is nothing without a plan.

Uncategorized Apr 12, 2021

A huge part of the branding process is casting a clear-cut vision for the future of your brand. A little bit of soul searching, scripting and decision making helps you establish your vision. However, before the vision, comes the dream. The spark. That little, annoying itch that will not go away. If you’re an entrepreneur, you know what I’m talking about!

This episode will help you wrap your head around your vision, and how it relates to defining your brand strategy… and don’t get overwhelmed by the jargon! I’m here to simplify that for you!

Are you ready to learn more about how to turn your dream into a more tangible vision that will light your way to establish your brand,  click here <> to join the waitlist to my signature brand foundation course, Brand Alchemy. Course dates will be released soon!

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