Communicate your message effectively to capture the hearts of your dream customers.

Become the master of your own brand.


Are you wondering how you can create the right brand message that attracts your ideal customers? 

Do you wish your marketing efforts sparkled consistently, so you present an impactful, professional brand? 

Say goodbye to second guessing and hello to sparkling brand consistency.

Do you find yourself Googling 'branding' more often than you care to admit? I hear you lovely lady!

I'm Rachel, a brand stylist helping flourishing online entrepreneurs bring their business vision to life with brand strategy and strong foundations.

Lean in close and I'll tell you a secret... it isn't all about beautiful imagery and graphics.

It's a common misconception that your brand is defined by your brand identity (logo, colours, fonts etc).

But your brand is quite literally your reputation.

Branding is about defining the heart and soul of your business, communicating your message (through language, visuals and consistency) and turning your audience into raving fans.

You simply cannot build an incredible brand without first establishing a rock solid brand foundation. Stick with me and I'll show you how.


Don't just take my word for it...

These beautiful ladies are all part of the Brand Alchemy alumni.

They're on a mission to create a brand that is not only heart aligned, but is positioned in just the right way to attract their kindred-spirit customers.

It really is the best investment! Thanks Rachel!

I thought I knew how to properly market my business. But after going through this program, I’m gobsmacked, and it’s really made a difference.

I now have much clearer picture on who my ideal clients are, what my branding is, what my colours are… everything just fell into place

Katrina Green
Dragonfly Virtual Services


I cannot recommend joining Brand Alchemy enough.

I’m so glad I came across Rach and Brand Alchemy. Joining the course was one of the best things I did for myself and my business. I learnt about my brand personality, my brand values.

Sure, I picked my brand colours and my text, but everything I learnt was so much more than that. Understanding my client avatar had me leaving the course feeling confident what I was going to do when I launched the business and who I was targeting.

Olivia Pajer
Love it, Liv it

Imagine if you had unshakable clarity and confidence in YOUR brand to capture the attention of your dream clients and market your offer with ease and FUN?!

Let me guide you to create your very own, personality-packed brand blueprint.

No more second guessing.


When you join Brand Alchemy, you’ll be welcomed with (virtual) coffee and warm hugs.

Your own, private learning portal. 
Lifetime access everything you need in one convenient place: video lessons, workbooks, cheat sheets and guides. [$500 VALUE]

Instant access to five modules, designed to guide you to brand mastery. Each module builds on the last, like a perfectly layered Tiramisu. You’ll culminate in cooking up a concoction that includes all of the vital ingredients to create your one-of-a-kind brand personality. [$1,500 VALUE]

Precision guidance. Workbooks, guides, branding wisdom and most revered of all, your very own brand guide template, which will become your BRAND BIBLE. [PRICELESS]

18 years industry experience. I'm in this branding game for the long haul. You'll learn my proven method and apply each step to your own brand. [INVALUABLE]

Enrol now to start building the brand of your dreams.


"Hands down, Brand Alchemy is THE BEST course I’ve ever done for my business!"

"Honestly, before I was in branding abyss. I knew I wasn’t aligned, but I kept putting it in the too hard basket. I’d squirm at the thought of posting on socials, and I wasn’t going to start an Insta account with a logo, colours and overall branding that was outdated and mish mash! Rach distilled almost two decades of her own knowledge, experience and expertise into bite sized chunks of info, videos and exercises.

And OMG I’ve ended up with a whole branding guide!"

 Jess McEachen
 Jess McEachen Copywriting


What pearls of wisdom will you receive?


Understand your brand

We'll begin our journey with an in-depth exploration of branding. You'll understand the purpose of branding, the anatomy of a brand and most importantly, how branding influences your marketing.


Foundation fundamentals

We'll carefully establish strong pillars, which represent the heart and soul of your brand. By establishing your point of difference, and what makes you shine, we'll discover your brand positioning.


Digging deeper

We'll shape your mindset about selling and shape your brand strategy. You'll create your own client avatar profile with crystal clear guidance. You'lll align your brand values with your overall message and establish your unique branding style.


Visual brand cornerstones

We’ll use all of your foundation and strategy groundwork as a springboard to define your colour palette, imagery, typography and brand voice.


Bring it all together

This is the moment you've been waiting for. When all of your foundation work culminates in your comprehensive Brand Bible. This invaluable brand guide will set you up for branding success!

It is your compass. And it only points True North.

Everything you need to craft your very own distinctive brand.

  • Access via desktop or learn on the go with the Kajabi app
  • Four thought provoking and inspiring workbooks with prompts and time-saving fill-in-the-blanks templates
  • My exclusive dream customer discovery process + bonus affirmations
  • Colour palette inspiration guide + colour psychology cheat sheet 
  • Typography guide + references + cheat sheet
  • Fully customisable BRAND GUIDE Canva template 

I have a clearer idea of my avatar and understand now that I need to focus on them.

It makes it easier to build a brand image when you are focused on a certain client rather than all the clients like I was before.

Amy Wadsworth
Once Upon a Pie

During the whole course I was excited about my business at a level I hadn’t been before.

My mind was racing with ideas and directions I hadn’t even thought about. This course has changed my way of thinking and has me excited for the next stage.

Shannen Burns
Wildflower Lane Boutique

I have more clarity, I am more creative and I absolutely love where I am heading now.

OMG! I went away after week five and tweaked my website immediately, updated my logo and started to re-think and re-edit my website.

Tracey Mills
Simply Hygge




  • Five weekly modules
  • Workbooks, guides and resources
  • Brand guide template
  • 19 years industry experience
  • My exclusive, proven branding formula

 One payment AU$690

Enrol now to create the brand you've been dreaming of.





  • Five weekly modules
  • Workbooks, guides and resources
  • Brand guide template
  • 18 years industry experience
  • My exclusive, proven branding formula

 3 x monthly payments AU$235

Enrol now to create the brand you've been dreaming of.


Brand Alchemy 'brand lover' guarantee

100% guaranteed to understand your brand on a deeper level.
If upon completion of the live course (five weeks) you don't feel a deeper level of understanding for your brand than you did prior to the course, email me your completed workbooks and brand guide within two weeks of completion for a full refund.

A flawless brand is created when your authentic self shines through.

It’s like sunlight hitting a diamond and shooting rainbows into your dream client’s eyes.

It captivates. It connects. It sells, so you don’t have to.

Just like no two diamonds are alike – no two businesses are, either. 

I’ll guide you to dig out the heart and soul of your business and create a strategic branding foundation that reflects your vision and values, so you can connect with the emotions and needs of your dream clients.

Who is Brand Alchemy for?

Brand Alchemy IS for you if:

  • You’re new to business and want to cut through the murky waters of guess work to define your brand and deliver a strong message from the start.
  • You feel misaligned with your existing (or let’s face it, non-existent) brand.
  • You feel your message is weak and getting lost among all of the other vanilla, cookie-cutter brands out there.
  • Dream customers/clients is exactly what you’re NOT attracting right now.
  • Confidence is lacking when marketing your product or service.
  • You’re not in love with your visual brand.
  • You’re tired of screaming obscenities at Canva at 2am, spending countless hours second guessing yourself.
  • You delete your own social media posts because they don’t measure up to the high calibre that you want your brand to represent.
  • You’re looking for trusted guidance and expertise to set you on a straight and narrow path to develop a rock solid branding foundation.

And honestly… well… what the heck is branding anyway?

It's not the best fit for you if:

  • You’re looking for a ‘done for you’, one-on-one working relationship. Brand Alchemy is an educational tool with a self-motivated DIY approach. If you’re looking for comprehensive one-on-one branding packages, head on over to Hopscotch Branding Studio.
  • You’re a graphic designer looking for a branding process for your own clients. This course is a self-guided transformation for you to apply to your own brand. It is protected by copyright, as this process is my very own that I have perfected over many years.
  • You’re looking for a quick fix. This is an immersive five week course requiring dedication, lateral thinking and an open mind.
  • You want to learn specific graphic design skills. Brand Alchemy is all about mastering your own brand. While visual branding is one large component of this course, graphic design as a skill is not taught specifically.
  • You’re looking for a comprehensive visual brand identity. Brand Alchemy focuses on the brand from a wholistic perspective. You will establish a strong visual brand foundation that you can use as a springboard to communicate your message effectively.

Hey there! I’m Rachel.
Brand brilliance generator.

I’m a branding designer helping purpose driven, heart aligned female entrepreneurs bring their business vision to life with impactful, intuitive, one-of-a-kind illustrations and graphic design. I’m obsessed with getting to the heart of your business, you, because that’s where true brands are born.

But it’s high time I stop keeping my branding secrets to myself.

I want YOU to understand who your brand is, establish an unshakeable brand foundation and communicate your legendary message with clarity and confidence. Because it’s your experience, and your values, and your mission that guides your brand personality, and I’m here to show you how to do it. I know from experience how important it is to have a remarkable brand presence that out-shines your competition.

A brand that captures your heart and soul, so you better connect with your ideal clients and build an all-round brilliant business.


It's time to bare my soul... 

I’ve been incredibly blessed to help create and elevate many powerhouse brands. You might recognise some of them here. It’s no accident that these brands are aligned, authentic and aesthetically on point.  

It all comes down to my exclusive, proven process.

You simply cannot create an outstanding reputation in your industry without first putting in the groundwork. My clients are guided through a step by step process, where I help them extract the essence of their brand, and understand how to best translate that message visually and vocally. Hand on my heart, it’s a process that works time after time.

Now here’s the thing… my one-on-one branding packages start at A$5,990.

New businesses simply don’t have this kind of capital to invest, and it breaks my heart, because having a brand strategy in place truly makes marketing feel so EASY. And that’s why I created Brand Alchemy… for women in the early years of business, who are busy doing all of the things you need to do to build momentum, so that your time is not wasted. So that you’re not throwing money away on graphic design that isn’t in alignment with your true vision.

I created Brand Alchemy for ladies just like you, who want to cut through the fog of uncertainty, have a clear direction and feel confident in illuminating your beautiful message.


I highly recommend Brand Alchemy to all new business owners who want to understand how to attract your ideal client to you.

I was blown away when I understood that branding is not just your logo and colours but a big part is the feelings you evoke in your customer to build a relationship of trust with you.

Aparna Chari Sundar
Global Mindful Journey

I wholeheartedly recommend working with this lovely lady.

Rachel made the modules interesting and fun to complete. I now have a template to reference and work from going forward in my business, with great guidelines on fonts, colours, and what my brand actually IS!

Rosalie Pappas
Everyday Gourmet

I could not recommend the Brand Alchemy course enough. It was fantastic and a real turning point in my business.

OMG, the Brand Alchemy course is an absolute must for anyone who is trying to understand their brand and how they want their customers to see them! Thank you Rachel!

Tabitha Runkel
Tabitha Runkel Photography

You've got questions. I've got answers.

People don’t fall in love with logos – they fall in love with the brand experience behind the logo.

The story you tell and the emotions driving it.





  • Five weekly modules
  • Workbooks, guides and resources
  • Brand guide template
  • 18 years industry experience
  • My exclusive, proven branding formula

 One payment AU$690

Enrol now to set your brand up for success with crystal clear clarity.





  • Five weekly modules
  • Workbooks, guides and resources
  • Brand guide template
  • 18 years industry experience
  • My exclusive, proven branding formula

 3 x monthly payments AU$235

Enrol now to set your brand up for success with crystal clear clarity.