Brand Lover with Rachel Reiter

Brand Lover with Rachel Reiter

Hosted by: Rachel Reiter

Honest, real and lively conversations for flourishing entrepreneurs and budding business owners on a mission to cultivate a heartfelt brand that connects with their purpose driven mission. Brand Lover is a guiding...

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Ep 62. The role of faith in business.

Faith plays an integral role in any kind of development or growth. Anything scary that stretches us out of our comfort zone is usually fuelled by faith.  The very definition of faith is believing in the unseen. Faith...
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Ep 61. Boost your brand with Pinterest - with Simone Pavils

Once you have your brand foundations and a beautifully designed brand identity in place, the next step is to build a stunning website. But it doesn’t stop there. You need eyeballs on your site to gain traction, grow...
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Ep 60. E-Commerce marketing trends for 2023 - with Lisa Byrne

Lisa Byrne is an internationally award-winning marketer, course creator, podcaster and mentor with over 21 years of experience in marketing. Lisa teaches female product-based business owners how to focus on the right...
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Ep 59. Branding for introverts

You’re a quiet soul, perhaps a homebody. You started your business out of passion. Whether that was passion to use your skills and knowledge for a specific purpose, or perhaps out of the desire to have a more flexible...
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Ep 58. The power of passion - with Zara Demeris

Zara has built her business, The Play Card Co with blood, sweat and tears over the past 12 months, into a thriving brand with a passionate, loyal fan base. An ex-primary school teacher and mum of two, Zara is a...
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Ep 57. How to navigate seasons in business

You may have heard of the dreaded feast or famine in business, and maybe quiet periods scare you. But what if I told you that it’s a perfectly normal phenomenon? In my experience, it’s perfectly natural (and expected)...
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Ep 56. Overcome your fear of visibility

When you first got the idea to start your business, I’ll bet you didn’t expect marketing to feel so intrusive, did you? Neither did I. When I re-entered the marketing world in 2017, I’d taken almost three years off to...
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Ep. 55 Decluttering your way to clarity - with Dr Aparna Chari Sundar

Do you ever find yourself overwhelmed by piles of toys, ‘mess’ and evidence of ‘real life’ in your home? Do you find it difficult to focus when your desk or workspace feels disorganised? Does clutter affect your...
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Ep 54. Discover your purpose after motherhood - with Kate Vivian

There’s no denying that the journey to motherhood and beyond is a life-changing experience. Personally, becoming a mother was the most pivotal moment of my entire life. Throw a business into the mix and it’s any...
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Ep 53. Business cards are not dead

Business cards may seem a little dated. Boring. Obsolete. An unnecessary expense… right?! If you’re thinking of daggy cards with cracks, ugly gloss coating and poor design… then yes, I tend to agree. BUT… there is...
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Ep 52. Creating an app to fuel a flourishing brand with Yvette Sitters

Have you ever had a brilliant idea for an app? I know for a fact that many people do – but to have the tenacity to execute that idea is inspirational! But that’s exactly what Yvette Sitters has done to establish her...
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Ep 51. The art of loving yourself to achieve success with Angela Nicole

Angela is a Life Coach and mentor for tweens, teens and women teaching all things 'Self-Love'. Her business Bloom Within offers live workshops, online programs, retreats and individual sessions, empowering you with...
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