Brand Lover with Rachel Reiter

Brand Lover with Rachel Reiter

Hosted by: Rachel Reiter

Honest, real and lively conversations for flourishing entrepreneurs and budding business owners on a mission to cultivate a heartfelt brand that connects with their purpose driven mission. Brand Lover is a guiding...

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Ep 41. From losing 14k IG followers to a record sales month with Tess Morriss

Tess is an Australian prep teacher devoted to holding little hands through the first year of school. She is the founder of The Readiness Club, where she is passionate about ensuring that little ones feel happy and...
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Ep 40. When opportunity knocks

The branding process is incredibly clarifying. You establish pillars that not only define the boundaries for the culture of your brand, but light the way for the future. Your dream evolves into a clear vision, which...
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Ep 39. Scared of selling? Do this instead!

Do you get the heeby jeebies when it’s time to start selling your products or services? Does imposter syndrome creep in, and that mean girl on your shoulder starts shouting that nobody is ever going to want what...
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Ep 38. 5 lessons from 5 years in business

If you told me five years ago where my business is now (who I’m serving, my pricing, the incredible projects I’ve had the pleasure of working on, the fact that I’m now teaching and mentoring, the hours I work and the...
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Ep 37. Manage customer complaints with integrity

Nobody is immune from disgruntled customers or clients, even if the complaints are minor. How you deal with them can have a profound impact not only on your own mindset and outlook, but also on the reputation of your...
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Ep 36. Grow your brand with an A-Team.

This week I share how to handpick your professional line-up to help grow your aligned, authentic and impactful brand. If you're in business, you're building a brand. Whether you're intentional about it or not, it's...
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Ep 35. Casting your vision

 A huge part of the branding process is casting a clear-cut vision for the future of your brand. A little bit of soul searching, scripting and decision making helps you establish your vision. However, before the...
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Ep 34. Using Brand Strategy to Skyrocket your Business with Stephen Houraghan

Stephen Houraghan is a freelance designer turned brand strategist and the CEO and Founder of Brand Master Academy and the host of The Brand Master Podcast. He is also the owner of Iconic Fox Agency, providing brand...
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Ep 33. The Secret to Brand Loyalty

The ultimate goal for any brand (no matter how big or small) is to cultivate a tribe of brand advocates. These are your most loyal purchasers who sing your praise and shout your brand name from the rooftops with no...
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Ep 32. Three ways to connect with your perfect customer

No matter how good your product or service is, or how finely tuned it is, or how incredibly pretty it is… 90% of business is sales and marketing. Ever wonder why so many small businesses fail? This is it. Brilliant...
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Ep 31. Using words to supercharge your brand with Rachel Green

Rachel is an SEO copywriter for small business big on conscience. She gets you seen online with naturally written words sprinkled with SEO.   Rach is a heart-led mama of three who likes to hide from the chaos in the...
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Ep 30. Good vs Bad branding

Good vs Bad Branding Have you ever judged another business’ branding? Subconsciously, we are always judging, assessing and processing the messages we receive, whether they are visual, verbal or subliminal. It’s how we...
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