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What do an avocado seed and your brand have in common?

My 10 year old daughter grew an avocado tree from a seed of a bulk pack of avocadoes I bought from Aldi.

That sounds absurd, right?!

First of all, whatever would possess a child to spend their time doing such a thing?

What made her believe it would actually work?

How did she know what steps to take? 

I remember attempting a similar feat as a child. I stuck a seed in a pot of water for about two months. Guess what happened? Unsurprisingly, it turned a vomit-worthy hue of green, slimy and stinky, and I distinctly remember the shriek of my mother finding such a tragic specimen in my bedroom.

But back to my green-thumbed daughters’ propagation success.

The process of propagating Benny

During the final few weeks of the school term last year, she randomly asked me, “Mum, can I please use an avocado seed to try and grow a tree?” (internally high-fiving myself at this point for her impeccable manners). Remembering my own such experiments as a child, I thought,...

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Three ways to keep your brand healthy through uncertain times

I’m here to sprinkle a little sunshine on your day. Although there is so much uncertainty, unease and upheaval circulating our business community at the moment, it’s not ALL doom and gloom. Even if your business is temporarily stalled, you CAN keep your brand healthy through uncertain times.

Some businesses are temporarily closing for the greater good, and the amazing people behind those businesses have my heartfelt gratitude for their selflessness and sacrifice.

Others have cut off their core service or product offering in favour of entirely different substitutes that still fill the needs of their customers, and these businesses deserve a medal for bravery!

There are some very brave souls who are pivoting quickly, adapting to the current climate either temporarily or for the long term. The inspiring owners of these businesses deserve our support and a massive pat on the back for thinking outside the box.

Some businesses are seemingly unaffected, but are perhaps feeling...

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What is a brand? It’s not your logo.

It is a common misconception that your brand is simply your logo, especially for those just starting their journey into biz-life. A logo certainly helps to create a visual reference for your brand, along with consistent fonts, colour palette, imagery, patterns, illustrations, brand elements and textures. But your brand is anything that is seen, heard, felt, read or perceived about your business. Anything! Some examples include your shopfront, website, business cards, flyers and even what someone else is saying about your business!

With that in mind, creating a visual branding identity that shoots cupid’s arrow straight into the heart of your ideal client is a confident step to creating consistency and control over emotions and feelings evoked by your brand.

Think about what your brand is saying, and how it makes you feel.

  • What’s the clear image that your brand is portraying?
  • What specific message is your brand sending?
  • Does it appear professional and honest?
  • What about...
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There’s more to branding than you think


Have you always thought of your branding as your logo, colours and fonts? If you answered yes, then this episode is going to blow your mind! Perhaps you have these things in place, but still feel like something is missing? You can’t quite put your finger on it, but you struggle to communicate your brand in a way that feels authentic and aligned.

Part of the process of branding is to establish strong foundations so that you can translate your message with confidence through your marketing. Watch this episode to discover what’s missing from your brand.

P.S. I’m opening the doors to my signature brand foundation course, Brand Alchemy on Monday 28 June. To celebrate I’m hosting a free masterclass!

3 Secrets to Fast Track Your Branding Success – even if you’re new to business!

Accelerate your brand growth, and become a magnet for sales.

Learn the exact formula I used to grow my 6-figure brand and the ...

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Good vs. bad branding


Have you ever judged another business’ branding? Subconsciously, we are always judging, assessing and processing the messages we receive, whether they are visual, verbal or subliminal. It’s how we differentiate one brand from another, and figure out whether or not what they’re offering is right for us.

But when it comes to your own brand, how do you know if what you’re currently doing to portray your brand is good or bad?

Watch this episode as I compare the traits that might affect how your brand is perceived (whether good or bad!).

P.S. I’m opening the doors to my signature brand foundation course, Brand Alchemy on Monday 28 June. To celebrate I’m hosting a free masterclass!

3 Secrets to Fast Track Your Branding Success – even if you’re new to business!

Accelerate your brand growth, and become a magnet for sales.

Learn the exact formula I used to grow my 6-figure brand and the ...

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What is brand loyalty, really?


I’m on a mission to simply marketing jargon so that you can understand it in a way that makes it easy for you to implement easy, achievable strategies. This week, I’m chatting about brand loyalty. I’m answering these questions:

  • What is brand loyalty?
  • How do you identify your brand advocates?
  • And how can you encourage brand loyalty in your audience?

Are you ready to amplify brand loyalty?

Join me for my Brand Revival challenge! Cultivate brand loyalty in your audience, in just five days. Reconnect with your audience, instigate meaningful relationships and increase visibility for your brand!

I'll join you in your inbox every morning from 17 - 21 May with daily brand juice and a done-for-you [copy + paste] script to share on Facebook, Instagram, or wherever your audience is lurking.

So shake off those cobwebs and inhibitions, and let's start cultivating brand loyalty in your audience! Oh and it's zero dollars my friend.


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Plant the seed, or it won't grow.


Are you afraid to start your business? Are you scared to try a new offer or product? Have you been putting it off because you’re not sure if it will sell? Worried about taking the leap? This one’s for you.

Imagine if you channelled all that energy you’re using just thinking about it, into actually putting it out there!?

You will never, ever know, if you never, ever try.

Watch this episode for a fresh perspective on becoming the person you WANT to be, with the brand you crave for.

I’d love to hear if this message resonated with you! Send me a DM on Instagram by clicking here – I’d love to hear from you!

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Love the ones you're with.


Are you tired of chasing followers, putting all your energy into attracting new eyeballs and trying to be something you’re not just to grow your audience?

Building and cultivating a brand is not just about growing your audience. Yes, you need an audience, but it is by no means the size of that audience that is going to help you nurture a brand reputation that translates into quality leads and sales.

Watch this episode to find out what you SHOULD be doing to foster a brand that is a magnet for your perfect customers.

Love this episode? I’d love to hear from you! Come say hi on Instagram by clicking here.

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If you're not looking for it, you'll miss it.


The branding process is incredibly clarifying. You establish pillars that not only define the boundaries for the culture of your brand, but light the way for the future. Your dream evolves into a clear vision, which helps you to walk a straight and narrow path towards achieving it.

However, this does not mean that you can’t be open to receive guidance or opportunities that might help you achieve that vision in a slightly different way. If you’re not aware what to look for, or how to step outside yourself, you might be stagnating your own growth.

Watch now to learn why, and how you can step confidently towards your vision in a way that leaves you open to new opportunities.

If you haven’t got a clearly defined brand strategy that is guiding your every move in business, head on over to and get yourself on the waitlist to my signature brand foundation course, Brand Alchemy. Become the master of your own brand!

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