You’re in the right place if you want elegant design that’s heart-aligned, so you can click with your dream client’s mind.

You’ve landed here because you're building an impressive business and you’re ready to flourish.

You know who you are and what makes you unique, but you can’t bring your vision to life. You can’t communicate your awesome and it’s holding you back. Sure, you could create your own logo online… you could continue using Canva for your social media graphics… you could grab the first slave on Fiverr.

But, that won’t build brand dominance.

Without a customised brand that positions you a cut above – you’ll continue looking like everyone else. You’ll continue working your butt off for little reward, because you’ll continue attracting the wrong clients who don’t value you, who don’t have the budget for you or understand the rare find you truly are. Who’s got time for that?!

Girl – you need brand clarity, so you can communicate your brilliance.

My exclusive brand discovery process digs deep into the earth for your heart, soul, and motivations, so we can bring your brand vision to life.

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I create memorable brands for women in business by creating a unique look and feel that reflects their philosophies, tells a unique story for their potential clients/customers and sets the ambience for their beloved biz-baby.

By establishing a distinctive brand personality through my exclusive branding process, you will fast track your fans to the coveted status of brand loyalty by positioning your brand in the hearts and minds of your perfect customers!

Want to take a look for yourself?


Hey there! I’m Rachel. Brand stylist and mentor, illustrator, brand brilliance generator.

I’m a brand mentor and designer helping heart aligned, online female entrepreneurs bring their vision to life with deep strategy, impactful, intuitive, one-of-a-kind illustrations and graphic design.

I’m obsessed with getting to the heart of your business, you, because that’s where true brands are born. It’s your experience, and your values, and your mission that guides your brand personality. And it’s my job to pull it out of your head, align it with your target audience, and create your remarkable brand identity.

With 18 years’ experience in branding and marketing collateral, magazine design, advertising, website design and packaging, I’ll help you develop a bespoke, personality-packed, effective brand personality.

Authentically, you.

Whether you want sassy and cool, feminine nurturer, or power-playing Brainiac – I’ll translate your vision and make it reality.

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Are you my perfect match?

I work best with purpose driven, heart aligned online female entrepreneurs who have a dazzling vision for their business but struggle to bring it to life on the screen.

My strength and purpose lie in creating brand personality foundations, strategy, and bespoke designs.

I become your brand mentor and trusted advisor - laying the foundations and helping you to maintain your sparkling new brand identity.

So, if you're only after a quick logo or ad hoc graphic design requests and document amendments for your existing branding, I'm not the right fit for your needs.

Like to know more about my personalised one-on-one branding services and my signature Branding Success Formula to build the brand of your dreams?

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