Three easy ways to instil trust in your brand

Three easy ways to instil trust in your brand

Let’s not beat about the bush. Investing in visual branding shows your audience that you have faith in your brand. But what can you do to instil trust in your brand if you’re not quite ready to overhaul your visual branding? Or you’ve got the basics sorted but want to step it up a knotch?

Here’s three easy ways to instil trust in your brand:

  1. Up-level your printing finishes

Don’t automatically default to the cheapest options. Invest in a fancy card stock, some shiny gold foil or embossing. This shows your audience that you care about your brand. You believe in it so much that you’re willing to go the extra mile to differentiate your business cards or other printed marketing material. Trust me, a little bit of ‘fancy’ will not go unnoticed! 

  1. Personal touches

Be purposeful in how you interact with your audience. Spend a little more time wooing a client or include a handwritten note in their order. A perfect example is one of my beautiful product based clients who uses personal, handwritten messages to help grow trust her brand! Reply to people by name on your social media comments. Investing time in making your clients and potential clients feel special shows that you care about how you’re serving them. This in turn instils trust in your brand.

  1. Consistency on social media

You don’t need an immaculately curated feed, although I’ll be the first to admit that they are certainly beautiful! The key to instil trust in your brand on social media (aside from the exceptional quality of your content, of course!) is a consistent colour palette, fonts and image styles. I love the freedom to post intuitively, as this encourages genuine connection and authenticity. Just keep your colour palette handy and your back pocket full of photography that aligns with your brand, and you’re halfway there! You can also download apps like Plann to help create a balanced feed. As long as the overall vibe is consistent with your brand vision, then you’re on your way!

Can you think of some other ways to instil trust in your brand? I'd love to hear them! Come over to my Instagram DMs and we'll nerd out over branding together.

Rach x


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