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Are you scared of selling?


Do you get the heeby jeebies when it’s time to start selling your products or services? Does imposter syndrome creep in, and that mean girl on your shoulder starts shouting that nobody is ever going to want what you’re selling? You’re not alone my friend.

Do you get embarrassed when somebody asks to see your website? Or do you feel nervous at the idea of a discovery call?

Let me help you reframe ’selling’ so that you’ll be flaunting your offer with confidence in no time.

Part of establishing your brand strategy is becoming comfortable selling, with a heart of service. If you know deep down that you have more to offer, but you’re not feeling confident that you’re reaching your customers in the right way, or you are lost for words when somebody asks you to tell them more about your product or service, it’s time to get intimate with your brand! Head on over to Brand Alchemy to learn more about my signature brand foundation...

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Plant the seed, or it won't grow.


Are you afraid to start your business? Are you scared to try a new offer or product? Have you been putting it off because you’re not sure if it will sell? Worried about taking the leap? This one’s for you.

Imagine if you channelled all that energy you’re using just thinking about it, into actually putting it out there!?

You will never, ever know, if you never, ever try.

Watch this episode for a fresh perspective on becoming the person you WANT to be, with the brand you crave for.

I’d love to hear if this message resonated with you! Send me a DM on Instagram by clicking here – I’d love to hear from you!

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