What is a sub-logo?

“What the heck is a sub-logo and why do you need one?”

Excellent question. I’m so glad you asked.

A sub-logo is a smaller, alternate version of your main logo. It borrows the graphical elements, fonts and colour palette, then fashions them into a version that can be used for different applications. Sub-logos can be any shape. They usually form a more succinct, compact version of the logo. Sub-logos are quite often round to allow flexibility of use for social media profile images, watermarks, favicons and packaging. 

Let’s take a look at an example. 

Lunchbox Mini’s branding identity features a horizontal shaped logo and custom illustrated icons forming the logo mark. In certain situations this may look out of place, be difficult to read, or simply not quite ‘fit’. Imagine trying to squeeze her into a narrow, vertically oriented blog advertisement! Eep! 

Still not quite sure why you need a sub logo? Read on my friend. 

*trumpets sound* Enter the sub logo! It is perfect for smaller applications, such as Facebook or Instagram profiles, or watermarks over images. After all, what’s the point in having killer branding if you don’t have all the tools to implement it properly!? 

So tell me, have you got a logo and a sub-logo to use throughout your branding for various applications? Is your brand toolkit prepared with a variety of files to suit all different shapes and sizes of advertisements, social media templates and marketing material? 

All of my branding packages include a sub-logo. This is all part of my holistic approach to creating a visual branding personality that aligns with your values, reflects your philosophies and attracts your ideal clients like a sunflower to… well, the sun!  

Wondering how I can help you create a one-of-a-kind branding identity that shoots cupid’s arrow straight through your ideal client’s heart? Get your mitts on a success kit here, or let’s arrange a free 15 minute virtual coffee (my shout!). 

Yours in caffeination, 

Rach x 


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