How many colours do you need in your brand colour palette?


Choosing brand colours is one of the biggest barriers for new brands. Aligning yourself with just a handful of colours, and the pressure of making the ‘right’ decision is overwhelming! I totally get it. And it’s important! Colour has a profound effect on emotions and feelings, but can also be a useful tool to enhance recognition and memory. Get it wrong, and you could be sending your perfect customers running for the hills rather than attracting them like bees to honey.

My top three tips for choosing a colour palette

  1. Make sure you have a solid understanding of your ideal client’s feelings, barriers and motivations before creating your brand colour palette.
  2. Consider how you would like your audience to feel when they see your colour palette.
  3. DO NOT choose your brand colours based on personal preference. What appeals to you and your personality, may not be what woos your ideal client.

But then… HOW MANY colours are right for your brand? Is there a perfect, magical number that guarantees branding success? Well, yes and no. Watch this episode to learn how many colours you need to communicate your unique brand personality.

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