Ep 126. How to align your message with Catherine James

Words and visuals go together like cheese and Vegemite. Hand in hand, they paint a clear picture and weave a tale that should be as enticing as a steaming cup of tea on a cold, wintry day. So when I met Catherine James at a networking event recently, I knew I needed to share her story with you!

A self-confessed word-lover from a tender age, Catherine was forced into a career pivot through the Covid years when she rediscovered a passion for writing, and Catherine James Creative was born.

CJ is now dedicated to helping female entrepreneurs amplify their voices and align their business messages with their values and goals. CJ's methods are deeply embedded in presence and authenticity, aiming to create genuine human connections amidst the digital noise.

During this episode we explore:

  • Being open to opportunities and seizing them rather than staying stuck in a “why me” mentality
  • Gratitude for Covid, what it taught CJ and where it has led her career path
  • CJ’s recommendations for overcoming pressures to write social media captions, blogs, emails etc, particularly if it doesn’t come naturally to them
  • What message alignment is, what it means and why it’s so important to the success of your business
  • Signs and symptoms to look out for to indicate if your message is out of alignment, and what you can do to fix it

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