Brand Lover with Rachel Reiter

Brand Lover with Rachel Reiter

Hosted by: Rachel Reiter

Honest, real and lively conversations for flourishing entrepreneurs and budding business owners on a mission to cultivate a heartfelt brand that connects with their purpose driven mission. Brand Lover is a guiding...

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Ep 50. Healthy habits to prevent burnout with Kaylie Blyton

Kaylie is a certified Health and Wellness Coach specialising in integrative nutrition and a holistic approach to self-care and stress relief. She works closely with driven women all over the world to teach them how to...
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Ep 49. The fear of success

Recently a student inside my brand foundation course, Brand Alchemy expressed her fear of success. “What if my business is busier than I can handle?” “What if I can’t handle fast growth?” “How am I going to cope if I...
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Ep 48. Discovering your brand personality

You may have heard how establishing a brand personality can help you stand out, but how does it actually do that? I’m excited to share an excerpt from a live session I recently hosted on Instagram. My goal is to...
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Ep 47. The 4 must-have colour formats

Welcome to our final episode in our four part brand colour series! Whilst this topic may seem a little overwhelming or difficult to comprehend, I’m here to tell you that if you’re building a brand with longevity in...
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Ep 46. Crash course in colour psychology

Colour = power. Power to evoke feelings and emotions, conjure memories and ignite the senses. The exciting news is that the power of colour is available to YOU to help instil emotion into your brand… you just need a...
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Ep. 45 3 step framework to choose your brand colours

There’s no disputing the fact that brand colours increase brand recognition, evoke emotion and help communicate your brand personality. But the fear of getting it wrong often leaves new business owners in a state of...
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Ep 44. How not to choose your brand colours

Welcome to my 4-part podcast series on one of my absolute favourite topics: brand colours! It pains me to see so many business owners get so STUCK when it comes to choosing colours that align well with their brand, so...
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Ep 43. Avoid these 3 branding mistakes

Tune in for 3 of the biggest mistakes I see new business owners make over and over again… and it breaks my heart to see them do so because they’re unknowingly damaging the very brand they’re trying to build. I love...
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Ep 42. Building a baking empire with Maggie Dmochowski

  Maggie Dmochowski is a mum of two, passionate baker and teacher of all things delicious. She started Adelaide Bakes in 2016 after the birth of her son because she wanted to teach the skills, techniques and recipes...
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Ep 41. From losing 14k IG followers to a record sales month with Tess Morriss

Tess is an Australian prep teacher devoted to holding little hands through the first year of school. She is the founder of The Readiness Club, where she is passionate about ensuring that little ones feel happy and...
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Ep 40. When opportunity knocks

The branding process is incredibly clarifying. You establish pillars that not only define the boundaries for the culture of your brand, but light the way for the future. Your dream evolves into a clear vision, which...
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Ep 39. Scared of selling? Do this instead!

Do you get the heeby jeebies when it’s time to start selling your products or services? Does imposter syndrome creep in, and that mean girl on your shoulder starts shouting that nobody is ever going to want what...
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