Brand Lover with Rachel Reiter

Brand Lover with Rachel Reiter

Hosted by: Rachel Reiter

Honest, real and lively conversations for flourishing entrepreneurs and budding business owners on a mission to cultivate a heartfelt brand that connects with their purpose driven mission. Brand Lover is a guiding...

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Ep 35. Casting your vision

 A huge part of the branding process is casting a clear-cut vision for the future of your brand. A little bit of soul searching, scripting and decision making helps you establish your vision. However, before the...
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Ep 34. Using Brand Strategy to Skyrocket your Business with Stephen Houraghan

Stephen Houraghan is a freelance designer turned brand strategist and the CEO and Founder of Brand Master Academy and the host of The Brand Master Podcast. He is also the owner of Iconic Fox Agency, providing brand...
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Ep 33. The Secret to Brand Loyalty

The ultimate goal for any brand (no matter how big or small) is to cultivate a tribe of brand advocates. These are your most loyal purchasers who sing your praise and shout your brand name from the rooftops with no...
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Ep 32. Three ways to connect with your perfect customer

No matter how good your product or service is, or how finely tuned it is, or how incredibly pretty it is… 90% of business is sales and marketing. Ever wonder why so many small businesses fail? This is it. Brilliant...
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Ep 31. Using words to supercharge your brand with Rachel Green

Rachel is an SEO copywriter for small business big on conscience. She gets you seen online with naturally written words sprinkled with SEO.   Rach is a heart-led mama of three who likes to hide from the chaos in the...
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Ep 30. Good vs Bad branding

Good vs Bad Branding Have you ever judged another business’ branding? Subconsciously, we are always judging, assessing and processing the messages we receive, whether they are visual, verbal or subliminal. It’s how we...
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Ep 29. Integrating connection + community into your brand with Carly Thompson-Barry

Carly Thompson-Barry is a Business Nurturer and Found of SA Woman, an organisation that connects, showcases and empowers women across South Australia. A Weaver of women, she is relentless in her pursuit to nurture...
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Ep 28. Three ways to find your confidence in business

Your business will never be successful without this one thing: confidence. Why? Well, let’s go for a little meander in your perfect customer’s shoes. Let’s just say he or she is comparing your brand with another,...
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Ep 27. Expanding your online brand with Jessica Donovan

 Jessica Donovan is a dedicated naturopath helping mums raise super kids with healthy food and natural medicines. She is passionate about educating parents on nourishing their children with real food, helping to boost...
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Ep 26. The one thing you shouldn’t outsource

As you grow through your business journey, you will be encouraged to start outsourcing certain components of your business. Whether that be admin tasks, financials, marketing, PR, design, copywriting… and I could...
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Ep 25. Boost your product sales with Ashley Boston

Ashley Boston provides reliable online training and resources that educate and empower heart-aligned business owners to grow their e-commerce business through their Facebook™ Ad eco-system. Ashely and I explore: How...
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Ep 24. Expanding from the car boot to a warehouse in 4 years - with Anna Van Dijk

Anna Van Dijk is a mum of two and owner of the online lunchbox store, Lunchbox Mini. In 2018, after being a SAHM for 7 years, Anna stumbled across a small, home-run business for sale. Fast forward four years and...
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