Ep 122. The lazy guide to branding

I’m not calling you lazy. Not really. But let’s be honest. All any business owner wants is to have as much impact as possible with as little effort as possible. It’s part of our human psyche. And if you’re new to business, you’re likely completely swamped with all of the things that go into starting a brand from the ground up.

It costs money. It costs time. It even sometimes costs sleep, relationships and fun… for the greater good, of course.

And if you’re feeling that way right now, I want to give you a red hot tip if you’re starting to delve into marketing your brand.

You need a a solid foundation for you brand to market effectively.

I was on the phone with a potential client the other day and I explained it like this. Your brand is the message. Your marketing is the vehicle transporting that message to your ideal customers. First you have to know what the message is, second, you need to know who you’re sending the message to and where it’s going, and finally, you need to know the most efficient route for the vehicle to deliver the message safely. Make sense?

Let’s be real. SO many business owners find themselves overwhelmed by the thought of branding, assuming it requires endless hours of strategising and designing. And it can. But to begin with, it doesn't necessarily have to be that way if you don’t have the know-how or budget to dedicate to it. So what I want to do for you today is outline the most simple but effective, must-have aspects of the brand building process for lazy business owners (as in, time-poor and overwhelmed business owners!) to create a powerful brand presence with minimal effort.

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