Ep 117. Narrow down to expand

Most business owners think they have pinned down their target audience and what they want to be known for. But I guarantee even you can narrow down even further. The online market is at the point now where it is SO competitive, that your message has to be as clear as a pinpoint in order for your ideal customers to take notice. In order to avoid a vague, generalist, vanilla brand, you have no choice in this day and age but to narrow down.

It’s all about focus. The more you narrow down your brand, the easier it'll be to speak about your offers, attract the right people, and grow your brand faster.

By keeping focused on one narrow lane, you’ll be able to simultaneously eliminate distractions and strengthen your brand reputation because it will be easier for your audience to understand what your focus is and how you help them specifically.

It's like the compound effect – small changes now can lead to big results in your future.

 Foundations - Know who you’re for and why you exist

Niche – Be known for one thing

Design – Recognition and memorability

When it comes to your brand, less is definitely more! Listen now!

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