Ep 121. Fight the algorithm with an Instasite – Tori Kopke

Tori Kopke is a Rural Business Coach combining proven strategies with a twist of innovation. She loves to help business owners find realistic and achievable growth solutions - especially businesses in the Aussie bush. Good old fashioned country values are a huge foundation for her business (she had me at “old fashioned”).

I came across Tori recently on Threads, showcasing a little-known Instagram strategy called an Instasite (“Instagram website”). She instantly sparked my curiosity, and in my own research I’ve also seen it called the Permagrid (“permanent grid”), but whatever you call it, it’s sweeping small business owners on Instagram by storm.

Tired of the never ending, ho-hum monotony and pressure to incessantly post on Instagram? Me too. Which is why Tori’s revolutionary Instagram strategy caught my eye, and I knew I had to share it with you immediately!

So without further ado… listen to this insightful episode if you’re just about ready to throw your phone out the window (or at least delete your social apps) and want to learn how to fight the algorithm with a strategy that not only creates space and freedom – but actually works!

Find Tori Kopke on Instagram or head straight to her website.

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