Ep 112. Nailing your niche with Belinda Whelan

Belinda Whelan is a Certified Health Coach specialising in helping women with Celiac disease to live a full and healthy life. Belinda works closely with women all over the world to teach them how not only live with celiac disease, but thrive doing it. She is the host of The Healthy Celiac Podcast and founder of the Ultimate Celiac System.

During this episode Belinda and I chat about:

  • Her journey to becoming a renowned health coach
  • How she pivoted to an online model successfully
  • How Belinda knew she had no choice but to embrace her niche of serving women with Celiac disease
  • Facing the fear of running out of content within your niche or succumbing to shiny object syndrome
  • Where Belinda’s clients come from and how you can use the same strategy for your business
  • Her top advice for service providers struggling to pin down their niche for fear of breaking their business

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