Ep 60. E-Commerce marketing trends for 2023 - with Lisa Byrne

Lisa Byrne is an internationally award-winning marketer, course creator, podcaster and mentor with over 21 years of experience in marketing. Lisa teaches female product-based business owners how to focus on the right things instead of doing all the things.

I love Lisa’s ethos and resonate so deeply with her desire to teach women in e-commerce businesses to create and implement a marketing strategy that works for their lifestyle, rather than overtakes their life!

Lisa and I chatted all things marketing and branding, including:

  • How it all began for Lisa, and the secret life she had before becoming a mum.
  • What prompted her to shift from the corporate world into the coaching space.
  • What was it like starting a coaching business with two kids under two? 
  • What’s the single most important thing to focus on before marketing your e-commerce business?
  • With her vast experience in so many marketing arenas, why did she choose e-commerce as her focus?
  • How e-commerce has changed the business landscape, and how marketing an e-commerce business has evolved rapidly, particularly in the past few years.
  • Lisa’s top trends and predictions for e-commerce marketing in 2023.

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