Six steps to an irresistible brand that attracts a steady flow of perfect customers.

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Are you wondering how to capture the hearts of your perfect customers and create a stand-out brand without sleazy sales tactics?

Do you wish your marketing efforts sparkled consistently?

Do you feel gross and icky when selling?

Do you compare yourself to your competitors?

Do you wish your offer could sell itself?

This Blueprint is for you.

Proven formula

Based on my exclusive branding formula that I have developed over the past 19 years as a brand stylist to flourishing business owners.

Catapult your brand

Establish rock solid foundations that will catapult your brand, fill you with clarity and confidence and fast track your success.

Brand with meaning

Craft a brand that captures your heart, so you can better connect with your perfect customers and build an all-round brilliant business.

Branding success lies in creating a super-strong, unshakeable brand foundation that translates to a crystal clear brand personality.”

Rachel Reiter  |  Brand Stylist + Mentor

I'm Rachel, a brand stylist helping flourishing online entrepreneurs bring their business vision to life.

Branding is about defining the heart and soul of your business, communicating your message (through language, visuals and consistency) and turning your audience into raving fans.

This Blueprint gives you the exact steps to follow to establish a rock solid brand that will catapult your business to success.

If you're ready to cultivate a brand that captures your heart and soul, so you can better connect with your perfect customers and build an all-round brilliant business, this is for you.

Rach x

"I feel so relaxed about knowing my business so it has reduced my anxiety around finding my path."

Marianne Roberts,
Whole Vitality Healthcare

"I've had so many revelations this week from actually focusing on what I am as a brand. And ditching the should or how I think I'm supposed to be seen. Oohhh I'm loving this!"

Jess McEachen,
Jess McEachen Copywriting

"Who knew branding wasn't just colours and text?! I've walked away with a heap of invaluable knowledge and a hell of a lot more confidence!"

Olivia Pajer,
Love it, Liv it

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