Ep 59. Branding for introverts

You’re a quiet soul, perhaps a homebody. You started your business out of passion. Whether that was passion to use your skills and knowledge for a specific purpose, or perhaps out of the desire to have a more flexible lifestyle.

But then… all of a sudden you’re thrust into the foreign world of marketing. You need to stand out to attract customers. But standing out goes against every fibre of your being! You want a quiet life where you can just do your thing and not be bothered by anyone. You see all the extroverts dancing in bright clothes on social media and cringe. You start comparing yourself and your brand to showy, flashy, loud opponents.

Lady, STOP. It doesn’t have to be this way.

How do I know? Because I’m also an introvert. And I LOVE marketing my brand.

Listen now to hear my three reasons how you can learn to build a brand to suit your personality too.

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