Ep 58. The power of passion - with Zara Demeris

Zara has built her business, The Play Card Co with blood, sweat and tears over the past 12 months, into a thriving brand with a passionate, loyal fan base.

An ex-primary school teacher and mum of two, Zara is a self-confessed grown-up child addicted to play. While play is something that seems ingrained in her, she realised when she had her own children that it doesn’t come naturally to everyone.

Zara found that, understandably, parents were desperately wanting to play with their children, but stuck for ideas on what or how to do it. This epiphany started her mission to share the joy and simplicity of play with everyone. And the Play Card Co was born.

Join me on this incredibly insightful journey with Zara, through the ups and downs of establishing an e-commerce brand, growing her tribe of raving fans and what it takes to succeed in your first 12 months of business.

  • How was The Play Card Co conceived? What made Zara believe it was possible to turn her epiphany into a legitimate business, let alone admired brand? 
  • How has she grown her business so quickly and efficiently?
  • What’s the difference between mess and clutter?
  • What it takes to ‘get it done’ as a mum of two and sole business owner wearing all the hats?
  • The one thing she wishes she knew before marketing her new brand.

Find Zara and The Play Card co on InstagramFacebook or head straight to her website.

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