Ep. 55 Decluttering your way to clarity - with Dr Aparna Chari Sundar

Do you ever find yourself overwhelmed by piles of toys, ‘mess’ and evidence of ‘real life’ in your home? Do you find it difficult to focus when your desk or workspace feels disorganised? Does clutter affect your mood?

Lovely, you are not alone. Let me introduce you to Dr Aparna Chari Sundar from Global Mindful Journey.

A Home Organising consultant trained by Marie Kondo, Dr Aparna is also a parenting coach who empowers families to foster meaningful connections and create intentional environments in their homes through mindful organising strategies.

Listen now to hear Dr Aparna’s unique story, and how you can implement positive change in your home to live a happier, more fulfilled and productive life.

During this insightful episode, Dr Aparna and I explore:

  • Aparna’s unlikely career pivot, and the catalyst for change
  • How investing heavily in herself and her brand has impacted her business results
  • What’s the difference between mess and clutter?
  • How do physical items affect our feelings and emotions?
  • How does releasing tangible things make way for healing and growth in our personal and spiritual lives?
  • Debunking assumptions about decluttering and home organising
  • How as a business owner you can implement changes for a better functioning home/office and optimised workflow

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