Ep 54. Discover your purpose after motherhood - with Kate Vivian

There’s no denying that the journey to motherhood and beyond is a life-changing experience. Personally, becoming a mother was the most pivotal moment of my entire life. Throw a business into the mix and it’s any wonder I fumbled through the identity shift quite clumsily!

I adored chatting with Kate Vivian, coach and mentor for mums to support them to (re)discover their worth and give themselves permission to step out of the invisibility of motherhood – "mum-guilt free". And I know you’re going to be chuckling along quietly as we navigate not only her journey but also shed light on (very relatable) topics surrounding the motherhood journey that are often swept under the rug.

During this beautiful episode, Kate and I explore:

  • The profound personal experience that led Kate to discover her true purpose
  • The identity shift of becoming a mother, and how it intrinsically impacts how we see ourselves and our place in the world
  • How do we navigate the tender years of early motherhood?
  • What has happened in recent years that has left new mothers feeling so isolated?
  • Why Kate recently shifted her focus from the birth experience to supporting mothers through and well beyond the initial stages of motherhood
  • How did focusing on her brand foundations help shape what her business is now?
  • How to approach the transformation of motherhood whilst also running a business?

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