Ep 53. Business cards are not dead

Business cards may seem a little dated. Boring. Obsolete. An unnecessary expense… right?!

If you’re thinking of daggy cards with cracks, ugly gloss coating and poor design… then yes, I tend to agree. BUT… there is another way!

I’m here to present my argument against the widespread opinion that business cards are no longer useful in conducting business in a digital age. In the era of QR codes, online business and in-person events on the decline, why should you consider using business cards to represent your brand?

I have four rock solid points for you…

  1. Point of difference. If most of your competitors are too cool for business cards, and you are the only one offering a tangible touch point… guess who is going to be remembered longer?
  2. Business cards are not just business cards. Let’s dive below the surface and discover what they’re actually doing for your brand.
  3. Scope to showcase your brand personality. Here’s your opportunity to WOW potential customers.
  4. Get more bang for your buck. I share some ideas of how you can utilise the humble business cards to encourage customer retention and brand loyalty.

Maybe I’m a dinosaur. Or maybe I have a point? Grab a pen and paper, listen to this episode and let me know if I’ve sparked new inspiration to consider how you can use business cards to enhance your brand experience?

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