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Grow your authentic, aligned, impactful brand with ease, confidence and ongoing support.

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Lovely lady, I’d love to introduce you to a membership specifically designed to guide you to branding mastery: The Branding Hub. 

You're here because you've committed yourself to establish a beautiful, unique brand personality. You are intentional about building a brand that feels aligned with your purpose, brings you joy and attracts your perfect customers (and keeps them coming back!).  

But you’re tired of wearing all the hats. And you’re ready to take back your precious time, get some help with your marketing and start showing up with confidence and impact!


"Joining the Branding Hub was a no brainer for me! Rachel is truly a brand wizard and her gentle warmth makes you feel so supported in your branding journey. No question is too silly and she is always there to provide encouragement as you get to know your brand in a more intimate way! Since joining the Hub, I've learned how to see my brand as its own little ecosystem with its own unique personality! I'm learning how to keep my designs simple and in total alignment with the vision I have for my beautiful brand!"

Casey PatchLittle Lifelong Learners

Here’s a snippet of what you get access to inside the Hub:

Exclusive resource library…

100s of illustrated brand icons, assets and elements, themed social media templates, e-books, look books, Facebook covers, thank you cards and more!


What our members say about the resource library...

Expert masterclasses, workshops and guidance at your fingertips… whenever you need it!


Grow your authentic, aligned, impactful brand with ease and confidence.

Expert guidance, education, templates, illustrations, graphics and a beautiful community of fellow brand loving business ladies.

Join the waitlist to be the first to find out when the doors swing wide open - and receive an exclusive offer from me!

"I joined the Branding Hub as I got so much out of Brand Alchemy and wanted to continue to learn and develop my brand/business. The resources in the Branding Hub have helped me to strengthen my branding knowledge and have also helped me with some small exciting business changes I have planned for 2021."

Shannen BurnsWildflower Baby