Ep 50. Healthy habits to prevent burnout with Kaylie Blyton

Kaylie is a certified Health and Wellness Coach specialising in integrative nutrition and a holistic approach to self-care and stress relief. She works closely with driven women all over the world to teach them how to build a foundation to flourish in life and health.

Kaylie's own health journey began over three years ago, when she was diagnosed with an underactive thyroid. As Kaylie worked through her own health needs, she learnt to start listening to what her body really needed, and now passes this knowledge onto other women. The pillars of Kaylie's unique coaching approach are based on simple self-care routines, stress management and sustainable healthy habits. 

Kaylie helps her clients gain a deeper understanding of their stress response, form a nourishing relationship with your body and food, and find movement you enjoy.

In Kaylie's own words -

"one of my biggest passions is now teaching driven women how to quieten the noise of the wellness world and tune into your own body. I want to help you find out what healthy means and looks like for YOU...not how society says it be!"    

During this episode, Kaylie and I discuss:

  • Kaylie’s discovery of her unique purpose that led to starting her beautiful brand
  • How she helps her clients with simple strategies that impact their overall wellness and prevent burnout
  • How she cultivated her brand before she even started taking on new clients!
  • Juggling full time work, one on one clients AND a membership, Kaylie speaks candidly about how she implements her own wellness strategies to stay healthy and combat anxiety in her own life
  • Some incredibly valuable, achievable strategies that Kaylie has used with entrepreneurial clients to bring them from the cusp of burnout to rekindling their self love and outlook on life, and how you can use them too!
  • The most beautiful golden rule to stay on top of your own health and wellbeing as a busy entrepreneur

Find Kaylie on Instagram, Facebook or head straight to her website to learn more about how to work with her or join her membership, Flourish with Kaylie.

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