Ep 101. Leading with femininity

I've witnessed first-hand how easy it is for female business owners to drift off-course and succumb to influences that detract from their true purpose.

This inevitably leads to burn-out, disillusionment and unrealistic expectations. Sound familiar?

Every year, without fail, I have conversations with female business owners. They’re running businesses from home, marketing online, juggling the care of their children and household, succumbing to the piling pressures of Christmas holidays impending. They’re EXHAUSTED. Shattered even. I see them limping to an invisible finish line.

And it literally pains me. Because if they shifted their mindset and implemented a specific set of tools and strategies throughout the year, they wouldn’t be feeling that way. And if they were, they’d know the antidote.

Listen to this episode to learn the art of leading with femininity, and how this concept can give you strength to grow your business sustainably and purposefully.

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