Ep 94. Protect your brand with trade marking – Lisa Win

Ever wondered what it means to trade mark your brand? Perhaps you’ve assumed your business is too small to worry about it? Maybe you assume you own the copyright to your brand assets and think that’s enough to protect you from copycats? If you’ve been nodding along, you’re going to love this episode.

Let me introduce you to your small business Trade Marks Attorney, Lisa Win! After leaving her legal career and launching, growing and selling, an online toy store, Lisa decided to combine her two great loves, business and law, to become a Trade Marks Attorney. Since founding her firm, Win Trade Marks, Lisa spends her days advising small businesses on trade mark law and the trade marking process. Her main focus is to help business owners make informed and strategic decisions to give their brand the legal protection it deserves.

During this episode Lisa and I explore:

  • Her journey to becoming a Trade Marks Attorney, and why.
  • The types of clients that light Lisa up.
  • The difference between trade mark and copyright.
  • When to use the ® symbol vs the TM symbol.
  • Why you might trade mark a brand name over a logo, and vice versa.
  • What registering your business name with ASIC actually means for you (it’s not what you think!).
  • The best time to invest in trade marking to protect your small business.
  • What to prioritise in order to have the best outcome for your business and protect your brand.

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