Ep 89. From creative outlet to profitable niche – with Dani Rathman

Dani Rathman is the artist, creator and founder of Pawfect Love. Lovingly crafted keepsakes to cherish your honoured pets. It wasn’t long ago that Dani was creating all sorts of handmade trinkets with no ambition to build a sustainable brand. But all that changed when her creations began sparking interest with a very specific niche. These days, Dani’s business is booming beyond her expectations, and she’s stepping confidently into a bright future for her much adored brand.

During this episode Dani and I explore:

  • Dani’s journey from corporate life as an OT to ambitious creative entrepreneur
  • Her evolution from crafting trinkets as a stress outlet to now running an in-demand creative brand whilst raising her young family
  • How she discovered her niche of polymer clay pet portraits for treasured moments
  • How she knew when it was time to take her brand up a notch
  • The mindset lies that were holding her back from reaching her full potential as a business owner
  • The one thing that made her realise she needed to rebrand, and the shift that occurred directly after she made the decision
  • The incredible success she has experienced after rolling out her gorgeous new brand
  • Her sage advice for other hobby businesses who desperately want to ditch corporate life in favour of a more free, creative lifestyle

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