Ep 56. Overcome your fear of visibility

When you first got the idea to start your business, I’ll bet you didn’t expect marketing to feel so intrusive, did you? Neither did I. When I re-entered the marketing world in 2017, I’d taken almost three years off to concentrate on my family. Rewind to 2007 when I initially launched my first business… the first thing I did was call the Yellow Pages to submit a free advertisement. Nobody needed to see my face. I didn’t even need to talk to clients on the phone if I didn’t want to. My photo was most certainly not visible on my About page.

So it came as quite a rude shock when I started with a clean slate after rebranding and relaunching. All of a sudden social media marketing was BIG. Human to human marketing was integral to success. Everyone else was doing it and if I didn’t start showing up more authentically, there’s no way I would thrive let alone survive.

Lovely, if you’re an introvert in business, I’m sharing with you the key mindset shift that led me from feeling frightened to be seen and judged, to being confident in front of a camera and shamelessly marketing my beautiful business.

Get ready to learn how to:

  • Find it easier and feel ‘lighter’ showing up to represent your business
  • Let your inhibitions fall by the wayside
  • Release your fears of judgement
  • Reframe the way you think about being ‘visible’ in your business

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