Ep 42. Building a baking empire with Maggie Dmochowski


Maggie Dmochowski is a mum of two, passionate baker and teacher of all things delicious. She started Adelaide Bakes in 2016 after the birth of her son because she wanted to teach the skills, techniques and recipes that she’d spent the previous 12 years perfecting. Maggie had no idea she would find her passion in teaching and mentoring bakers, but that’s exactly what she’s doing now! Her greatest goal is to inspire and encourage bakers of all levels to try new techniques and impact and support those who are in the business of baking to maintain high standards in the industry.

During this episode, Maggie and I discuss:

  • Maggie’s incredible history of entrepreneurial endeavours
  • How she has evolved over time and now owns a 700+ membership
  • The passion Maggie has that literally overflows from her, and how she infuses it into her brand to serve her beautiful communities
  • The huge shift she’s made recently in her brand, and why she decided to go all in
  • How the branding process has directly impacted her confidence and success in her new sister brand
  • How her perception of branding has changed since stepping into her new brand identity
  • Her biggest lesson so far in business, and what she recommends to new business owners to give their business the best start
  • What’s next for Maggie

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Find Maggie on Instagram, Facebook or head straight to her website.

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