Ep 34. Using Brand Strategy to Skyrocket your Business with Stephen Houraghan

Stephen Houraghan is a freelance designer turned brand strategist and the CEO and Founder of Brand Master Academy and the host of The Brand Master Podcast.

He is also the owner of Iconic Fox Agency, providing brand strategy and creative services for global clients using his proprietary brand-building systems. Today he shares these systems, knowledge, and experience in business, branding and marketing to tens of thousands of students through his programs, YouTube channel and podcast.

During this episode, Stephen and I explore:

  • How Stephen discovered the enlightening world of brand strategy, and what made him pursue it as a career change
  • His incredibly clarifying explanation of brand strategy, and how it helps businesses propel their business forward, save time and countless dollars on wasted marketing efforts
  • The exact point at which a business should invest in brand strategy
  • Allocation of start-up capital for brand strategy; how much and more importantly, when it should be done
  • Stephen’s recommendations for startups and side-hustles to start building their brand on the right foot, to ensure a trajectory of success
  • What to do if you find yourself with a relatively successful business, ready to scale, but your visual brand is not reflective of where your brand is heading

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