Ep 31. Using words to supercharge your brand with Rachel Green

Rachel is an SEO copywriter for small business big on conscience. She gets you seen online with naturally written words sprinkled with SEO.  

Rach is a heart-led mama of three who likes to hide from the chaos in the pantry – preferably while eating secret chocolate (I feel seen). She follows her instinct and faces discomfort head on by embracing it for growth. 

Rachel writes copy that feels right for you, connects with your audience and brings Google goodness. 

Rachel and I explore:

  • How Rachel discovered that copywriting was her perfect job.
  • The impact that leaning into her very targeted niche has had on her business growth and personal fulfilment
  • Why words are so powerful in association with the branding process
  • The secret to weaving a brand story that is compelling and attracts the attention of aligned customers
  • Rachel’s recommendations for where to start when it comes to establishing strong language and tone of voice for your brand
  • The one thing she has learned along her entrepreneurial journey that EVERY woman should know when first starting out

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